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DragonBear welcomes you to the home of fine (and usually free!) arts, crafts, history, literature and whatever else we decide to put here.

Before downloading graphics or other files, please read the Usage Information page for download instructions and to ensure your compliance with our conditions of use. Customized basic graphics and needlework patterns are also available. If you're interested in my non-SCA art, it can be seen at my CHanson Design website.

The site is maintained by Carol Hanson (SCA: Mistress Caryl de Trecesson) who can be contacted at

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Articles for the Current Middle Ages

All That Columns by Master Kali Harlansson of Gotland on history for the current Middle Ages, originally printed in the Carolingian Minuscule newsletter. Article pages are available through the menu below.
Cordials Having actually won a couple of prizes for cordials, it seemed both useful and responsible to share the research and recipes. And yes, cordials are period! New recipes added as of December 1st, 2004.
Medieval Missives How do you write a letter in a medieval style? Here are 34 examples of openings & closings taken from a wide range of periods, places, and circumstances.
Oaths of Fealty Oaths of Fealty & Acceptances from period texts of the Middle Ages, including some general forms and discussions of fealty.
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Patterns for Cross-Stitch & Other Needlework

Jane Bostocke's Strawberries From the 1598 sampler by Jane Bostocke, a "blackwork" square with padded detached-buttonhole strawberries; with chart.
Bradford Pincushion A detail of a small bird from the late 16th c. Bradford table carpet in tent stitch; with chart.
East Kingdom Badges Ten counted-stitch versions of awards and badges from the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism.
16th c. Samplers An article based on handouts from a class on 16th c. samplers with many (color!) charts from the English "Jane Bostocke" sampler of 1598 and from two Italian and German samplers of the 16th century.
Designs, Period. "A Book of Medieval, Renaissance and Heraldic Patterns for Needlework." Now completely on-line with over 250 counted-square patterns in glorious black & white!
SCA Peerage Badges The badges for the Order of the Laurel and the Order of the Pelican in counted stitch.
Uncials & Half-Uncials Alphabets in cross-stitch based on these early medieval letter forms.
English Rose A large triple-layer heraldic rose from an English cushion dated 1601. Use two layers in red and white for a Tudor rose.
Germanic Borders Three simple counted cross-stitch border patterns from a 16th c. German sampler.
Icelandic Motif A counted cross-stitch center motif pattern with small birds.
Keeshond Pattern A free counted cross-stitch pattern "Keeshond in the Round".
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Graphics (always free!)

Circle/Diamond Backgrounds 6 backgrounds for subtle enhancement of your web page.
Marbled Buttons & Bars 35 graphics: 5 colors, 7 shapes.
Byzantine Graphics Vertical and horizontal borders, also buttons and bars, in 4 color variations.
Gemstone Buttons & Bars 30 graphics: 6 colors, 5 shapes.
Decorative Bars 9 thin horizontal bars.
Heraldic & Knotwork Graphics 24 buttons and bars.
Parchment Backgrounds Includes the one used for this page; 3 tiles for backgrounds.
Canvas Backgrounds Needlework canvas design; 5 tiles for backgrounds.
Brocade Backgrounds Decorative diaper/brocade design; 12 tiles for backgrounds or borders.
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SCA A&S Projects Various arts and sciences projects and recipe redactions.
Costume Plates from Strutt Eighty plates from Joseph Strutt's A Complete View of Dress and Habits of the People of England (London, 1862) for on-line historic costume research.
Pennsic Packing List DragonBear's own version of the complete SCA camping event packing list.
Comparative Jerky 101 Three recipes for beef jerky with much discussion about them.
Dog Treat Recipes A compilation of recipes for pets from cyberspace and beyond. But PLEASE NOTE: this is an old collection and some of the ingredients may no longer be considered appropriate and may even be considered dangerous.

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